How to Hang


Hooks are used to attach your curtains to the gliders. You need to first insert the hooks onto the curtains and then hang them on the tracks. Follow these steps:

  • You can adjust the spacing between hooks by skipping the different number of pockets. The common skip pockets are 3 or 4 times.


Check out how to measure curtains.


Track Rod Installation Instructions

1. Measure your window and establish the length of Track Rod that you require. (Allowing for Stackback if you want your curtains to pull off the windows completely. Add 15-20 cm each side if you want Stackback.)

2. If you need to shorten the track ensure that you take equal amounts off both pieces of Track Rod (outside edges only)if you have 2 in your pack (this puts the join in the middle of the track). If you only have 1 piece of Track Rod use a hacksaw to remove the required amount from either end.

3. Lay the track face down, if you have two pieces of track connect them with the joiner. Insert the gliders from the packet.

4. Position one glider against the end cap/final. Drill a hole and insert a screw. This secures the end of the curtain against the end of the track. Repeat for the other end.

5.If you have removed the end caps/finial reattach them. Note: the End Caps stay on with the help of a small flare made at the end of the track. Place the End Cap over this part first then push on the rest of the End Cap with your open palm.

6.Measure height that you would like the brackets to be at. Normally these are placed 50mm above the top of the architrave. This allows for the greatest insulation and stability of your Decorator Rods.

7.With a pencil mark the centre of the window and Track Rod. Position the Track Rod centre to the window centre. Position the end brackets no greater than 20cm from end of Track Rod. All other brackets to be evenly spaced across the Track Rod. All two piece Track Rods must have a bracket at the join.

8. Screw the brackets to the wall using screws included.

9. Place Track Rod over the front of the brackets so that the arms of the bracket slide into the slot at the top back of the track rod, and your Track Rod is centred over your window.

10. Gently push the front of the Track Rod in front of each of the brackets till you hear a click. Your track is now secured.